25 Shocking Video Game Theories That Could Actually Be True

Video game theories are a dime a dozen. Gamers frequently crowd internet forums and Reddit, spilling all their ideas about their favorite games. However, every now and then, a theory rises to the surface that blows everyone’s mind. Usually, these theories try to answer unanswered questions in video games, but they also bring up entirely different perspectives no one thought of before. Are you curious about these mind-altering gamer theories? If so, plug in your controller and get ready. Here are 25 Shocking Video Game Theories That Could Actually Be True.

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The Madden Curse

maddenSource: https://www.digitaltrends.com

The Madden Curse is a video gamers theory of theories. Originally starting out as a joke, it quickly grew to become a popular theory starting with Garrison Hearst on the cover of Madden 98′. Soon after he appeared on the cover, he broke his ankle. Of the 19 players featured on the game’s cover, 17 have suffered severe season-ending injuries soon after their video game’s release. Just a coincidence? That’s what EA Sports would like you to believe.


The Last of Us and Uncharted are in the same world.

uncharted last of usSource: https://www.reddit.com

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series and The Last of Us are two of the most popular and famous video games in the modern age. Now, video gamers believe they’re both in the same world, but with The Last of Us occurring years, perhaps decades, after Uncharted. Some of the evidence includes an easter egg newspaper in Uncharted, pointing to a disease. They think that disease is the same one happening in The Last of Us. Now, if that is true, the main question remains, is Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series still alive? Or, could he blow everyone’s mind and show up in The Last of Us 2?


Every Call of Duty game is one long escort mission.

call of dutySource: https://www.reddit.com

This theory attends that every Call of Duty game is essentially one long escort mission, and the person they’re escorting around is you. Characters are always telling you what to do in the game. Enemies rarely shoot at you but shoot around you. Also, you’re never really leading anything but going from one place to the next with someone else in front of you.


Limbo is about a boy reliving traumatic memories.

limboSource: http://kotaku.com/

Not much information is provided about the world and game of Limbo. It’s essentially a dark adventure puzzle game loaded with symbolism. While there are plenty of theories about what the story is all about, one that sticks out the most is that the main character is reliving childhood traumatic memories, and the only way out of limbo is to deal with them.


Dark Origin of Minecraft

minecraftSource: http://kotaku.com

In a crazy scientific theory for the ages, one video gamer believes the world of Minecraft is actually a dead star, and the sun that orbits it is the Minecraft inhabitants’ old world. Still with us? Essentially, in the old world, they faced extinction from the dying star, so they blew up their old world to create a new star and moved to the dying star and began building on top of it to build a new inhabitable world. That’s why when you get to the very bottom of the Minecraft world you can’t go any further because it’s a dead star. So, when you look up at the sun orbiting the Minecraft world, you’re looking at your old home. We said it was crazy, right?

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