25 Simple Life Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know

What wouldn’t we give for our dogs? Our faithful companions deserve the world and then some. Their goofy antics brighten up our lives while giving us a host of health benefits. How could we ever keep anything from them? Well on today’s post, were going to share with you 25 simple life hacks that every dog owner should know.

With these, you won’t be able to give your pups the world, but you’ll be close enough. For example, we’ll show you how to keep your dog comfortable on its next cart trip and the same time keep your car seat damage-free. We’ll also show you how to provide your pooches with delicious, cheap, cool treats for hot summer days. OH, and let’s not forget about toys…hours of fun with things you already have lying around.

Of course these life hacks are not all about your pooch, they will also make your life easier. How? Well, imagine being able to not wrestle with you four legged friend when it’s time for its medicine, or when it’s time to brush its teeth. So get ready because you’re going to love what we have in store for you today…and so will your pooch. These are 25 simple life hacks every dog owner should know.

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You can argue this is not a "hack" but it's still something all dog owners should know. Learn dog CPR (It can literally save your dog’s life). It might even be helpful to place a graphic like this one on your refrigerator door with the vet's number written on it. (This will be especially useful for your dog sitters).

Dog CPRImage: Shutterstock

If your dog eats too fast, put a tennis ball in the food bowl. This will encourage your dog to eat slower by having to move the ball out of the way.

ballImage: pixabay


Play classical music to calm your dog. Recent studies have shown that classical music relaxes and calms not just humans but dogs as well.

MozartImage: Wikipedia

Know your dog’s body language. Dogs can’t talk like humans but if you know how to read their body language, they can communicate quite effectively.

white dogImage: commons.wikimedia.org


If you have an older dog who has a hard time chewing, add some warm water or chicken broth to their dry food and let the kibbles soften for about twenty minutes. This also helps your dog stay hydrated.

dog foodImage: commons.wikimedia.org

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