25 Sneaky Foods Pretending To Be Famous People And Movie Characters

You might have heard people all over the world have been finding Jesus´ face in all kinds of things including floorboards, clothes, furniture, clouds and – most frequently – food. But as this post will show you, the Son of God is not the only figure food tries to resemble. In fact, food can resemble almost anybody and anything. From a toast that looks like Barack Obama to a piece of meat that resembles Darth Vader, check out these 25 sneaky foods pretending to be famous people and movie characters.

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This sneaky food item is a jelly bean that looks like Kate Middleton

Kate MiddletonImage: www.hungryforever.com

A chocolate banana that looks like Matt Smith

Matt SmithImage: www.buzzfeed.com


A cookie that looks like George Hook

George HookImage: www.joe.ie

An old apple that looks like the Joker

joker appleImage: www.thegourmettoday.com


An eggplant that looks like Richard Nixon

Richard NixonImage: womensstylebook.com

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