25 Strange Habits, Customs, And Behaviors That Society Accepts As Normal

There are some things that we all know are a bit weird but for a myriad of reasons nobody wants to say anything about them. And although this could get really political, it doesn’t even have to. You know what we’re talking about. Take retirement homes for example. In the western world it is perfectly acceptable to put your parents in a home and never visit them. Now don’t get us wrong. We know that many people don’t do this. But this list isn’t about what most people do. In fact, most people might not do it. What this list is pointing out, however, is that regardless of how many people do it, it is still not considered an unacceptable behavior. It is either normal, or not abnormal (so somewhere in the middle). And we’re not trying to pick fights with people. These behaviors will vary from country to country. We’ll do our best to mention where they are most prevalent, but take note that there are exceptions to every rule. Furthermore, many of these items are very tongue-in-cheek. They are jokes, meant to entertain. Don’t take them too seriously. These are 25 strange habits, customs, and behaviors that society accepts as normal.

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Businessmen passing out in public

Businessmen passing out in publicSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

In Japan and South Korea, it is normal for businessmen to pass out drunk all over the city. People just walk around them.


Bathrooms built with a gap

Bathrooms built with a gapSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

In the United States, bathrooms stalls have an enormous gap between the wall and the door


Kids having their entire lives documented on the internet

Kids having their entire lives documented on the internetSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

There’s going to be a lot of angry teenagers in a few years. Mom, seriously? You put photos of my potty training online?


Apps like Angry Birds requiring your location

Apps like Angry Birds requiring your locationSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Why does it need to know that?


Multi level marketing

Multi level marketingSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

It leads to some of the most obvious scams and questionable business practices most of us are ever exposed to, but when your friend gets sucked in all you can think is “there goes another one”

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