25 Strange Harry Potter Facts About the Film and the Cast

There is no doubt some questionable things happen around Harry Potter, and these 25 strange Harry Potter facts will prove it! From using dragon blood as a cleaner, an outbreak of lice, to bumblebees- we may blow your mind.

Strange things weren’t just going on in the Harry Potter world, but on the set of the movies as well. Producers of the films had their hands full with the young actors. Draco Malfoy liked to sneak in snacks, while Harry Potter used his wand as a drumstick.

Is Lord Voldemort really unable to feel love because of a love potion? Was Nicolas Flamel a real person? Did J.K. Rowling really drive the same car as the Weasleys? Coincidences? Maybe not. Check out these 25 Strange Facts About Harry Potter!

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Lord Voldemort is Unable to Love

25 Strange Harry Potter Facts Fact 01

Albus Dumbledore believed Voldemorts mother used a love potion on his father. If that was true, it would mean Voldemort was conceived while the potion was being used, leaving him without the ability to feel love.

Others blamed his lonely, loveless childhood. J.K. Rowling eventually confirmed Dumbledores love potion theory.


Harry Potter's Eyes Are Only Green in the Last Scene of Sorcerer's Stone

25 Strange Harry Potter Facts Fact 02

In the books, Potter’s eyes are described as a bright green, but in the movies, you see a blue-eyed Potter. Daniel Radcliffe was given green contacts to wear when filming began but he was allergic to them. The last scene of the movie was the first scene shot that you can catch a glimpse of a puffy-faced, green-eyed Potter saying Goodbye to Rubeus Hagrid. 


Lord Voldemort Gave and Took Away Harry Potter's Ability to Speak Parseltounge

25 Strange Harry Potter Facts Fact 03

Voldemort gave Harry Potter the ability to speak Parseltongue when Voldermort made Potter one of his seven Horcruxes.

However, when Voldemort killed Potter for five seconds, he also destroyed the Horcrux, therefore removing Potters ability. Since Parseltongue is a language Wizards cannot learn, Potter is never able to speak it again.


Only One From the Trio Finished Their 7th and Final Year at Hogwarts

25 Strange Harry Potter Facts Fact 04

Hermione Granger was the only one to return after the trio dropped out. She went on to become the Minister of Magic.


Daniel Radcliffe's Stunt Double Was Left Paralyzed for Life After Deathly Hallows

25 Strange Harry Potter Facts Fact 05

David Holmes, Radcliffe’s stunt double, was rehearsing an ariel explosion stunt when the accident occurred. The explosion threw Holmes into the wall then be plummeted to the ground. When crew ran to assist him he told them he couldn’t feel his legs. He is paralyzed from the waist down.

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