25 Strange Things Auctioned On Ebay You Might Not Know What To Do With

You won’t believe some of the things auctioned on Ebay. In fact, you could argue that what started as a common shopping website has turned into a web farm that houses some of the most bizarre, weird, or outrageous objects you would ever think of auctioning off. Just to give you an example, in the year 2000, someone tried to sell Iceland, in 2005 a middle name (or at least the rights to a middle name) and in 2010 someone else tried to sell a ghost (apparently, no one asked the ghost if he/she wanted to be sold…but that’s besides the point). And these are just a few of the items, just wait until you read the rest of the list. What started out as side hobby has blossomed into a multibillion-dollar business with operations localized in over thirty countries, and eBay boasts of housing pretty much anything (as long as it’s not illegal). In fact, do you remember our 25 Retro Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune list, you could probably find some if not most of those toys on Ebay as well. So, are you ready to put your money down on some crazy items (hang on to your money, we don’t do auctions on List25). Then take a look at this post to see what other people have tried to auction off. From countries to body parts, these are 25 Strange Things Auctioned On Ebay You Might Not Know What To Do With!

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Hollywood Sign

Hollywood SignSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The original sign was sold for $450,400 in November 2005.


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's Volskwagen

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's VolskwagenSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In May 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s Volkswagen Golf was sold for $277,171.12


Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft CarrierSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The Brazilian aircraft carrier Minas Gerais was listed in 2004 but taken down by eBay shortly afterwards.


A new species

A new speciesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A sea urchin that was listed in 2004 turned out to be a new species that was later named Coelopleurus exquisitus.


Water left by Elvis Presley

Water left by Elvis PresleySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Supposedly in 1977 the King left some water in a plastic cup after a concert in North Carolina. Those few drops sold for $455.

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