25 Craziest Last Meal Requests From Death Row

Have you ever wondered what some of the strangest last meal choices from death row inmates have been? In this list, we dish up some of the most bizarre and oddest choices death row inmates have selected for their last meals. Whether it be a request including 5 pounds of cheese and 10 cups of ranch dressing or an ominous last meal warning, or whether it be the last meal of notorious dictators such as Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, there’s plenty of strange and unexpected last meal choices in this list (and even a few that will have you shaking your head). Read on to find out the 25 Craziest Last Meal Requests From Death Row.

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Marion Albert Pruett

roast duckSource: Hurriyet Daily News

The last meal request of inmate Marion Albert Pruett starts off our list with enough food to feed a marauding army. Originally, Pruett said he was intending to share the meal with another inmate who would be executed the same day. He requested a Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza; four Burger King Whoppers; a large order of French fries; three two-liter Pepsi bottles; fried eggplant; fried squash; fried okra; and a whole pecan pie. He wanted to request roast duck but didn’t believe the prison would cook it for him.


Philip Workman

vegetarian pizzaSource: CNN

Philip Workman’s last meal request is one of the most bizarre on this list. Workman, who was executed by the state of Tennessee in 2007, asked the prison to give a large vegetarian pizza to a homeless person in Nashville, declining his own meal. Though the prison refused, many other people across Tennessee fulfilled his wish and brought hundreds of pizzas to homeless shelters on his execution day.


Ted Bundy

Ted_Bundy_headshotSource: Examiner

Well-known American serial killer Ted Bundy didn’t have an unusual last meal request – but we thought you might like to know what he asked for and what is standard if a prisoner declines a special meal. Bundy was thus given the standard last meal: a medium-rare steak, eggs over-easy, hash browns, toast with butter and jelly, milk, and juice. It’s said he did not eat it.


Joseph Mitchell Parsons

burger king whopperSource: Deseret News

Joseph Mitchell Parsons was executed by the state of Utah in 1999 but not before he ate his requested last meal of three Burger King Whoppers, two large orders of fries, a chocolate shake, chocolate chip ice cream, and a pack of grape Hubba Bubba bubble gum. He requested to share the meal with his brother and cousin.


Thomas J. Grasso

steamed musselsSource: New York Daily News

Executed by the state of Oklahoma in 1995, Thomas J. Grasso also ordered a hefty menu. His last meal request included: two dozen steamed mussels; two dozen steamed clams; half-a-dozen barbecued spare ribs; a Burger King double cheeseburger; two strawberry milkshakes; half a pumpkin pie with whipped cream; and diced strawberries. Grasso also ordered a 16-ounce can of spaghetti and meatballs, later complaining that he asked for Spaghetti-Os, not just spaghetti.

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