25 Strangest Holidays That People Actually Celebrate

The strangest holidays don’t necessarily come from strange beginnings. Sometimes it’s just some people having an idea and executing. While everyone is familiar with Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and the New Year, there are numerous not-so-famous holidays celebrated every single day all over the world. And why not? We all work hard. A few days off near the end of the year just isn’t enough. So, people in the U.S. and abroad agreed at some point to create some new celebrations. As you might expect, most of the time, the celebration is relatively straight forward. People eat, drink, and dance. You know, holiday stuff.
But, you might be asking what makes a holiday “strange”? Aren’t popular holidays strange, too? Take Easter. How rabbits and eggs have anything to do with Christ’s resurrection is a mystery to me. But, I got news for you, Easter doesn’t come close to some of these. Things get a whole lot weirder from here. Whether it involves feeding starving monkeys or drenching yourself with smashed tomatoes, these are the 25 strangest holidays that people actually celebrate.

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Lopburi Monkey Buffet


Each year, Thailand celebrates on the last weekend in November the world’s biggest primate party. The jungle dwelling monkeys around the village of Lopburi are known to be gluttons, harassing visitors for their snacks and food. In 1989, the villagers decided that the best way to deal with them was to embrace them. Every year, they lay out a buffet of morsels for the monkeys at the Pa Prang Sam Yot temple that include peanuts, cucumbers and raw crabs topped off with some refreshing drinks of Coca-cola.


Tinku “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival


In pre-Hispanic times the Incas worshipped the earth Goddess Pachamama who demanded blood to ensure a good harvest. The people from the Bolivian village of Tinku took this quite literally and decided to provide her with as much as she needed. The rest is pretty self explanatory.


Antzar Eguna (Goose Day)

wild goose

Antzar Eguna or “Goose Day” can be traced back nearly 350 years and involves a group of young Spaniards trying to decapitate a dead goose hanging from a rope in the middle of the town’s harbor. Why? That’s been the question on a lot of people’s minds over the last few centuries. So far, no satisfactory explanation has been provided. That hasn’t really stopped anyone.


Inti Raymi


On every June 24, people from Cuzco, Peru celebrate the reenactment of the Incan sun ceremony. Since 1944, hundreds of people have come from all over the world to witness the procession. The lucky man who is chosen to portray the emperor is carried on a golden throne to the ancient fortress of Sacsayhuamán to ask for the sun’s blessings in Classical Quecha; the original language of the Incas. For the Incas, the Sun God Inti was the creator of life so they celebrate his return every year after a long cold winter on the winter solstice.


Bonza Bottler Day

guinea pighttp://www.bonzabottlerday.com/home.html

Created by Elaine Fremont in 1985, the Bonza Bottler Day is a holiday celebrated once a month when the number of the month coincides with the number of the day such as April 4, May 5, June 6, etc.  The term “bonza” is a word used by Australians to denote that something is great, while “bottler” is their slang for “something excellent.”  According to the holiday’s official website (which is a thing new holidays have apparently), the best way to celebrate is with a party. Easy enough.  The mascot for this event is a dancing groundhog throwing confetti.

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