25 Strangest Punishments Handed Out By Bodies Of Authority

The strange punishments found in today’s list are not your normal punishments at all. Although your typical punishment will probably include fines, community service, or jail time, some judges have started handing out very interesting punishments. They say that although the eighth amendment to the constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment” it doesn’t prohibit unusual punishments sans cruelty. Furthermore, some say that these sort of “unconventional” punishments prevent repeat offenders, especially when the defendant can choose between a conventional punishment and something more memorable and relevant. These are the 25 strangest punishments handed out by bodies of authority.

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A mandatory vasectomy

A mandatory vasectomySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Although none of Jessie Lee Herald’s crimes were sexual in nature (mostly reckless endangerment), part of his plea deal included getting a vasectomy. Since he had 7 children with 6 women, the judge thought preventing him from having any more kids would force him to take care of the ones that he already had.


Too big for jail

Too big for jailSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Jude Medcalf got in trouble for stealing Christmas presents, tea money, and other things, all of which landed him in prison. After some time, however, the warden decided that 7 foot Jude was too big for his cell so the judge just gave him a 6 month curfew.


Hair loss

Hair lossSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Teenager Kaytlen Lopan and her friend were at McDonald’s when they began to bully a 3 year old girl by cutting off her hair. The judge decided to give a reciprocal punishment by having Kaytlen’s hair cut right there in the courtroom.


A donkey adventure

A donkey adventureSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

When Satanists Jessica Lange and Brian Patrick defaced a nativity scene the judge had them walk through town leading a donkey with a sign that read “Sorry for the jackass offense”


The picnic

The picnicSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A group of high school students decided to vandalize a school bus which prevented some school children from going on their outing. The students were then ordered by a judge to hold a picnic for the youngsters.

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