25 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed

To better understand our world, scientists have presented some of the strangest scientific theories ever. They’re pretty much all wrong. Still, that doesn’t stop people from buying into them. On face value, some wacko scientific theories seem to be reasonable. Remember in the movie “My Girl” when Vada (Anna Chlumsky) tells Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) about the Phrenology statue? I do. And I totally believed it as a kid (I don’t anymore). But, here’s the thing, adults believed in Phrenology, too. What’s Phrenology? Stick around. It’s coming up.
The point is this: Many of these strangest scientific theories try to explain our world, its origins, or how certain things work, but they’re all way off the mark. They might sound good, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Of course, pseudoscience and weird science still makes for good reading. It’ll give you a good anecdote when you’re with your friends and family. You can tell them about how someone thought life existed on the Sun. Let out a hearty laugh; it’s good for you.
Of course, there are so many bizarre scientific theories out there that it’s impossible to name them all. Nevertheless, many of these are stranger than the rest of them. Here are 25 strangest scientific theories ever proposed.

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Our universe arose from the collision of two or more universes


Unlike the Big Bang Theory where the universe began from a singularity, the Ekpyrotic Model of the Universe suggests that the universe arose from the collision of two three-dimensional worlds in space. This means that, aside from our universe, there is at least one other universe out there and that our twin universe is separated from us by a distance that is allegedly less than the diameter of an atom.


White holes exist

white holes

There’s black holes that suck everything in and then there are white holes that supposedly spit everything out. According to some scientists, if white holes exist, then they may be linked to black holes in the exact manner we just described.


We kill the universe every time we look at dark energy

dark energy

Professor Lawrence Krauss once stated that we kill the universe every time we look at dark energy, which, as we know today, makes up 70% of the universe. According to the theory, we keep the universe unstable and reduce its lifespan as we continuously observe it.


The universe is a hologram


This theory suggests that we are living in a holographic universe (aka an anonymous hologram creator). It explains that what we see when we look at the sky is just a wall containing an image of galaxies and stars.


We live in a matrix universe


Although we’re all familiar with the movie, scientists theorized that humans live in a computer program. These scientists believe that computers are the ones that stimulate our consciousness and form what we consider reality.

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