25 Strangest Things Ever Spotted On A Subway

In a big city, be ready to see some of these strangest things ever spotted on a subway! From people chilling out hammock style to a coffin jumping the turnstile, if you’re lucky enough to have a metro in your city and you ride around long enough, you’re sure to spot something worth a double take. If you’ve never been on a subway though, this list is sure to make you hesitant to ever get on. Get ready to be blown away by these 25 Strangest Things Ever Spotted On A Subway.


Swamp thing needs a ride too.

man in gilly suit made to look like grass

Actually, it’s just a gilly suit. But it makes for some awesome camouflage!


A moving train is the best place to sharpen a blade!

man sharpens large knife on rock

Kids: Don’t try this.


This is one talented knitter!

man in knitted outfit knitting

Just a girl and her raven.

a girl and a large black raven or crow


The show off of the century!

batman and darth vader appear face to face

Spoiler alert, neither of them top our list of the most powerful superheroes!

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