25 Stupid Reasons To Get Fired

Getting fired is never fun. People get fired for all sorts of reason including company downsizing, code of conduct violations, even a boss simply not liking an employee. However, there are much more unusual, incredible and funny reasons for getting fired. On today’s list, we’re going to share some of these stories with you. From a warehouse worker who was fired for excessive farting to three KFC girls who were sacked for bathing in the restaurant sink, you will not want to miss these stories. These are 25 Stupid Reasons To Get Fired.

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Dental assistant Melissa Nelson was fired by Iowa dentist James Knight for being too attractive. Knight was pressured into sacking Nelson by his wife, who also worked in his dental office.

attractive womanSource: dailymail.co.uk

Lifeguard Tomas Lopez was fired for leaving his section after he had run some distance out of his patrol area to save a drowning man on un-patrolled stretch of beach in Florida.

Lifeguard Source: bbc.com


Daniel Cambridge was dismissed from a book warehouse in Burton, UK, for excessive farting after 35 complaints to management about him breaking wind. Cambridge insisted his flatulence problem was just a common side-effect of antidepressants he had been taking.

funny T-shirtSource: mirror.co.uk

Josefina Hernandez, a longtime Walgreens employee with diabetes, was fired for eating a $1.39 bag of chips to boost her blood sugar when she felt an attack of hypoglycemia was coming on.

bag of chips Source: democraticunderground.com


In 2008, a 36-year-old Stacey Fearnall lost her job as a waitress at a restaurant in Owen Sound, Canada, after she shaved her head to raise money for a cancer charity.

bald womanSource: cbc.ca

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