25 Stupidest Doctor Cures In History

Back in the day, there were some very odd medical treatments. Luckily, medicine has come a long way, and these old fashioned medical treatments are no longer used. Reading about discontinued medical treatments can be very interesting though. Curious about which of these historical treatments were no so intelligent? Here are the 25 Stupidest Doctor Cures In History.

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cocaineSource: nytimes.com

When Austrian ophthalmologist (aka eye doctor) Carl Koller discovered its anesthetic effects, cocaine started popping up everywhere. In the early 1900’s, you could just walk into any pharmacy and buy a gram of it for less than a quarter.



knifeSource: bbc.com

Basically, this involves cutting off part of the tongue. And that is exactly what some 18th century physicians did to stop their patients from stuttering.

Note: This is still performed today, but now it is a life saving procedure used to remove cancerous growths…and it’s done with anesthesia.


Snake Oil


Although today it refers to a fraudulent good, the term is derived from the fact that people used to believe in snake oil’s medicinal qualities. Needless to say, those qualities were pretty much non-existent.


Sheep Livers

lambSource: cbsnews.com

In ancient Mesopotamia, rather than inspecting their patient, healers would sacrifice a sheep and then inspect the sheep’s liver. Somehow they believed that the sacrificed sheep’s liver revealed the diagnosis of their patient.


Crushed Rodents

mousesource: cbsnews.com

In Ancient Egypt, they had a rather interesting way of dealing with toothaches. It involved grinding up a rat, mixing it with a few other ingredients, and spreading it on your teeth like toothpaste.

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