25 Subcultures Within The United States That Are Truly Fascinating

Some Cultures are geographical or something you’re born into, like being Native American or from New England. Other sub-cultures are things we’re into by choice, hobbies that become a defining part of our personality and a way of life, and there’s a lot of overlap. Here we’ll list both. If you find something here that makes you go, “That’s just weird,” well, that’s kind of the point, too. To give you a taste of the fantastic, beautiful, sometimes really weird people we have here in these separate but United States, here’s a list of 25 Subcultures Within The United States That Are Truly Fascinating.



ravenclawquidditchteamSource: en.wikipedia.org Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Fandom culture is alive and well in many parts of the world, and the United States is no different. Some say that fandom started when Sherlock Holmes was killed off in 1893, when public demonstrations of mourning were held for a fictional character,  while others say that modern fandom has it’s roots in Japan in the 70’s.

The subculture is characterized by people who are somewhat obsessed or closely identify with certain characters or fictional worlds, though a “fandom” can be built around any shared interest. Fans have Conventions (cons), dress up as said characters (called cosplaying), and form little individual communities around a particular fandom, such as Doctor Who, Harry Potter, or any Anime ever.



pride-flagSource: http://www.gaycultureeducation.com/ Image Source: pixabay.com

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) culture generally refers to those who are active in LGBT events such as Pride Parades, diversity and awareness campaigns like reaching out to gay or trans-gendered youth, and various political activities. This subculture is widely varied, and there are a million ways you can join or participate. One can be heterosexual and still participate and be considered an “ally,” or one can be two men married in a nice suburban home with two kids and a mini van who are absolutely gay and have nothing to do with the culture at large beyond who they love. You can also just consider yourself a part of the “community,” and vote accordingly. They’re pretty inclusive.



soul_food_at_powells_placeSource: http://www.knowsouthernhistory.net/Culture/, Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Love it or hate it, there’s definitely a distinct culture in the deep south. Also a few distinct accents. A lot of what is considered traditional “American” culture is from the South. Some of the fundamentals of this culture – good food, hospitality, manners, a strong ingrained respect for personal freedoms and liberties, really neat historical architecture, a strong work ethic, some of the most amazing music God ever made, and a very strong sense of family and community – make deep south culture a beautiful and comforting thing. While there are absolutely some horrid things in the past, the media seems pretty hell bent on sending the message that people who are proud of being from the south are all racists who are married to first cousins, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.



aslfingerspellalphaSource: https://wfdeaf.org Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Some people are born into their subculture; it’s not a choice. Such is the case with Deaf culture, those who are born or become deaf. It’s not just sign language that ties these people together, but often they don’t refer to their lack of hearing as a disability and oppose things like hearing aids and implants that could give them the ability to hear. They have their own art and literature, schools, and tend to communicate very openly and bluntly. It’s a beautiful thing.



allkidsinkoreandressawwSource: https://www.library.ca.gov/ Image Source: USAG Humphreys via Flickr

The first Koreans started immigrating to the US in the early 1900’s, and now you can find awesome little pockets of Korean culture in most major cities in the US, populated by second, third, and even fourth generation Korean-Americans. Korean BBQ is now a part of mainstream US culture, being one of the most popular cuisines in the US. (Thanks guys!)

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