25 Super Cool Idioms You Should Use All The Time

Do you want to sound smarter? Well, that’s what we’re going to try to accomplish today. Using language isn’t just about expressing yourself clearly. It’s also a bit of an art form. While you can still be straightforward and describe exactly what you want to describe about a situation, language is much richer than that. The best speakers and writers know how to use shades of meaning, irony, and wit to express themselves even more deeply than simply using accurate words and having a large vocabulary. Idioms are one of many tools in your language toolkit that you can use to achieved such ends. They add flavor to your stories and evoke emotions or feelings that otherwise would be hard to express. Idioms are the best way to take your language to the next level. It’s also important to be able to understand idioms when you hear them. They are fairly common in everyday speech and you can completely misunderstand something if you are not aware of various idioms and figures of speech. Regardless of what your goals are reading this list, it is always interesting to learn more about the language you are using. These are 25 super cool idioms you should use all the time!

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Featured Image: torange.us


It's a piece of cake

It's a piece of cakeSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Meaning: it’s really easy


Bob's your uncle

Bob's your uncleSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: it’s as simple as that!


Blue in the face

Blue in the faceSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: weakened or tired after trying many times


As cool as a cucumber

As cool as a cucumberSource: wikipedia, Image: picserver.org

Meaning: calm, composed, and untroubled by stress


Heart in your mouth

Heart in your mouthSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: extremely frightened or anxious

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