25 Super Shady Things Companies Are Doing To Rip You Off

Whether you live in Sweden, Germany, the United States, or Russia, there is one thing that you can be sure of – you will be ripped off. Human nature all but requires it. Keep in mind, however, these are not scams. In fact, many of them are legal. The key difference though, is that they are not ethical. These are 25 Super Shady Things Companies Are Doing To Rip You Off.

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internetSource: consumerist.com

There have been numerous reports about how elderly people still believe they need to pay AOL a subscription fee in order to keep their email address. According to the Consumerist, 2.58 million people still pay for AOL service even though they don’t need it.


Jiffy Lube

car repairSource: nbcnews.com

It’s not just Jiffy Lube, but car mechanics in general are well known for ripping their customers off. In a rather famous NBC investigation, numerous Jiffy Lube shops were caught ripping their customers off by charging them for work that was never actually done. And if they did do it, the work was usually unnecessary. The solution? Learn about your vehicle (google is your friend).


Flight websites

planeSource: businessinsider.com

They charge you different prices based on your browsing history. How? They use cookies and other information.


Free credit reports that aren’t really free

credit cardsSource: thebalance.com

There is one website that you can go to in order to check your credit report. It is annualcreditreport.com. If you go to any other website e.g. freecreditreport.com (they make them sound similar on purpose)…you’re being ripped off. Companies deliberately set these sites up to take advantage of people. You are legally allowed to check your credit at the legitimate website mentioned above 3 times per year.


For profit schools

student debtSource: theatlantic.com

Look no further than the President of the United States. Donald Trump settled his lawsuits against Trump University for $25 million. Online schools make you pay for a degree that quite often is unaccredited or worthless. You’d do better at a community college.

Photos: All photos public domain from pixabay.com except feature image: shutterstock & 17. Nick Youngson/nyphotographic.com, CC BY-SA 3.0

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