25 Super Weird Japanese Foods

People from different cultures all have widely different tastes and standard meals. Some cultures eat spicy food, while others keep it bland and simple. Still, even the most adventurous of eaters might find that Japan has some of the weirdest foods on the planet. Sushi is just the tip of the iceberg. From eating insects to devouring tripe, Japan’s recipes are certainly creative. Curious to find out what else they’ve concocted? Here are 25 Super Weird Japanese Foods.

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Grated Japanese Mountain Yam

tororoSource: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2016/07/15/food/yamaimo-japans-slimy-mountain-yam/#.WoWVqZM-fVo

Grated Japanese Mountain Yam, also called yamaimo, is one of Japan’s most slimy and slippery of foods. People usually eat it raw in a soup with soba noodles; it’s said to be so slippery it’ll just slide right down your throat. It’s even been called “mountain eel” for its slipperiness.



torigaiSource: https://www.sushi.com/articles/torigai-sushi

Torigai, also known as Japanese Cockle, is used frequently with sushi meals. It has a bitter taste hidden under a sweet smell. One significant challenge to serving it is that it has to be served fresh.



Sushi_uniSource: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/09/what-is-uni_n_6631900.html

Originally appearing at sushi bars, Uni has now become a favorite among foodies and Japanese chefs, who put it on sandwiches and pasta. What is Uni? Well, it’s Japanese for “sea urchin gonads.”



habushuSource: http://nihonscope.com/food-and-sake/habushu-snake-sake-courageous/

First starting out of Okinawa, Habushu is an especially potent drink. Why? It involves dipping a poisonous viper snake in sake. Many brewers even leave the snake inside the jar it has been dipped in for effect. No need to worry about the venom; the alcohol makes it inert.



green grapesSource: https://www.japanvisitor.com/japanese-culture/food/umibudo

Translated as “sea grapes,” Umibudo is seaweed found in the Western Pacific from Vietnam to Okinawa. It has tiny green bubbles that break when you bite into them, releasing a taste of salt in your mouth.

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