25 Superpowers You Wish You Had

What are the superpowers you wish you had? Wait. Don’t answer that yet. It’s flying, right? Definitely, flying. I think at some point we’ve all dreamed of becoming superheroes. Bouncing around the globe and saving people’s lives is charitable, but it also comes with a lot of fame. In some ways, maybe the recognition is what we’re really after. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It seems unlikely that there’d be a lot of crime fighting to do, anyway. The world has gotten a lot safer since superhero comics debuted in the 1940’s. Those guys mostly fought super villains, and in this fake scenario, what are the chances multiple people get powers? We’ve seen all the ways that superpowers can be useful in stopping the bad guys, but the best unnatural abilities would honestly be the ones that make normal life easier. Things that help you relax more, and maybe make you a little fame and fortune. It’s time to fantasize with these 25 Superpowers you wish you had.

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Water Breathing


Water breathing might not be as impactful as super strength or invisibility, but it would make scuba diving cheaper. Plus you’d always win breath holding contests, and who doesn’t like beating their friends at things? Also, this power would have been great for my competitive swimming career. 




Think about how much you curse and cry every time you smash your toe on the corner of a piece of furniture. Imagine how much better your life would be if you just didn’t feel it at all. Sure, you’d also repel bullets, but that’s not going to come up as often as stubbing your toe. That’s the real upside to invulnerability.


Time Travel

time travel

Whenever people go back in time in the movies, they end up making the present much worse than the one we currently live in. I think it would be pretty easy to make strict improvements. Humans have made a lot of mistakes over the years. If you want to play it safe though, just go forward in time once and get the winning lottery numbers.


Night Vision

night vision

Remember when we thought about how much it hurts when you stub your toe? Night vision would make middle of the night bathroom runs much safer. That might be the only way to commonly use this power, but I think that’s enough.




This might make dating a lot easier, but it might also make it really depressing. People keep thoughts in their head for a reason. If you’re ready to hear some tough truths about yourself, you could probably learn something though.

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