25 Surprising Autism Facts You Need to Know Now

To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, we’re sharing with you surprising facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder impacts 1 in 68 kids in the USA. However, many people have no idea about the multi-million dollar cost of Autism Spectrum Disorder, the genetic links of Autism Spectrum Disorder, or why New Jersey is the Autism capital of the USA. You’ll learn all this and more interesting autism facts when you read these 25 Surprising Autism Facts You Need to Know Now.

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Social is Key

girls talkingDSM-V, American Psychiatric Association, 2013

Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a disorder of intelligence or language, instead it is a disorder based on difficulties with social communication. That means that someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder would have a hard time reading body language or understanding the importance of tone or sarcasm.


There is No Cure

boy paintinghttps://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/treatment

There is no cure for Autism; however, there are a number of behavioral therapies that can drastically improve how a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder acts. Behavioral therapies can include speech, occupational therapy, or applied behavioral analysis.


First Described in 1943

leo kannerhttps://www.autismuk.com/home-page/history-of-autism/

While Autism has been around for centuries, Dr. Leo Kanner was the first to describe describe “Autism” in his 1943 paper Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact. Unfortunately, Dr. Kanner did not know everything we now know about Autism, which led to a number of myths about Autism, including the “refrigerator mother” (see #22).


No Refrigerator Mothers

mom and kidhttps://www.autismuk.com/home-page/history-of-autism/

A long time theory of why Autism happened was the idea of the “refrigerator mother.” This idea was that mothers that were cold and distant from their children caused Autism to develop. This idea has since been shown to be a major myth.


Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism


Despite what you might hear on television, science has shown multiple times that vaccines do not cause Autism Spectrum Disorder. This autism myth is based on a false study of twelve children created by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and is one of 25 common misconceptions that aren’t true.

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