25 Surprising Facts About Canada You Probably Didn’t Know

What do you think of when you think of Canada? Deserts? Beaches? Palm trees? Vineyards? Probably not, but today we’re going to change your view of the Great White North. It’s not all tundra and polar bears (all though it does have plenty of those!). These are 25 surprising facts about Canada you probably didn’t know!


The Canada-US border is the world’s longest border between two countries. It’s official name is the International Boundary.

The international boundarySource: worldatlas.com

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Canada actually declared war on Japan before the United States did (within a few hours).

Pearl HarborSource: publications.gc.ca


Canada’s official phone number is 1 800 O-Canada.

phoneSource: canada.ca

Large parts of the Hudson Bay actually experience slightly less gravity than the rest of the world. Scientists have a few theories as to why, but they mostly have to do with shifts in the Earth’s mass.

Hudson BaySource: howstuffworks.com


Some police in Canada hand out positive tickets. And yes, it’s a ticket for doing something postive.

thumbs upSource: positivetickets.com

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