25 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

Some animals are so cute and cuddly, we might want to hug and pet them, not to mention take them home with us. Of course, looks can be deceptive. The most adorable animals can be quite deadly. Honestly, some animals probably don’t want you anywhere near them. Every animal has its varying degrees of danger, but you might be surprised just how vicious some animals can be. While the cute ones might make a great children’s cartoon, they probably shouldn’t be a household pet. Curious to find out what animals surprised us? Here are 25 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

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beaverSource: https://petapixel.com/2013/04/12/man-attacked-and-killed-by-the-beaver-he-was-trying-to-photograph/

As the second largest rodent in the world, Beavers might seem like furry and cuddly, but they’re actually deadly if you get too close. In one case, a fisherman in Belarus got too close to one and it attacked him, biting him in the thigh and severing his main artery. The bite was so bad he bled out before he could receive proper medical attention.



deerSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3806557/The-dangerous-animal-America-DEER.html

Yes, you heard that right, the deer is an incredibly dangerous animal. They kill 120 people a year, and while they do have antlers that can gore a person, the real problem is vehicular accidents. Deers frequently jump out in front of cars.


Leopard Seal

leopardSource: https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/blog/danger-beneath-the-water-10-facts-about-leopard-seals

Leopard Seals certainly look cute and probably sell well as small stuffed animal toys at the zoo, but they’re actually quite ferocious. They have no other predators besides the killer whale, and they’re teeth are pretty sharp. In one tragic case, a marine biologist was bitten and drowned 200 feet underwater by a leopard seal.



catfishSource: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/catfish_sting/article_em.htm

While Catfish are not aggressive and don’t bite, they can sting; this can lead to serious pain and inflammation. If you ever get stung by one, you need to seek medical attention immediately.


Mute Swan

swanSource: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-17736292

We’re always led to believe swans are graceful, beautiful, and majestic creatures, all of which is true, but we’re never told how crazy deadly they are. One man riding in his kayak was violently attacked by a swan; the swan knocked him out of it and stopped him from swimming to shore. It resulted in him eventually drowning.

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