25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations

Our latest list: 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations! Every now and then, a mutant is born in the animal kingdom. Some of them occur naturally, while others might be man-made, achieved to serve a greater purpose.

Regardless of the cause, genetically mutated animals are interesting freaks of nature, and they definitely deserve our attention. To show you some of the most remarkable mutated animals, we compiled this list with 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations.

Note: All of the mutant animals featured in this post occurred naturally, most of them probably due to the increasing environmental pollution, which is just another sad indicator how drastically planet Earth’s health is worsening.

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Goat with Eight Legs

Goat with eight legsSource: time.com

This goat with eight legs and both male and female reproductive parts was born on a farm in Croatia in 2014. Veterinarians believe that the reason for the animal’s extra legs and sex organ is an underdeveloped twin sibling.


Cat with One Eye

Cat with one eye Source: dailymail.co.uk

Known as “Cleyed the Cyclops,” a one-eyed Bengal kitten with no nose was born in a veterinarian’s operating room in 2012. Sadly, the tiny kitten died very soon after coming into the world. Another kitten named Cy (pictured) was also born and died in one day in 2006.


Snake with One Foot

Snake with one footSource: telegraph.co.uk

A snake mutant with one clawed foot was discovered in Southwestern China in 2009. The snake was about 40 cm (16 in) long and thick as a little finger.


Frog with Three Heads

Frog with three headsSource: news.bbc.co.uk

Children in a nursery in Weston-super-Mare, UK, were shocked when they found a three-headed, six-legged frog in their garden. An extra toe is quite common in frogs, but this kind of mutation had never been observed in them before (and not since then).


Cat with Wings

Cat with wingsSource: telegraph.co.uk

Not just one but several male cats with wing-like growths on their backs were reported in Southern China. Although the growths appeared fluffy, they actually contained bones. Veterinary experts said the “wings” did not harm the cats’ quality of life.

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