25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations

Our latest list: 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations! Every now and then, a mutant is born in the animal kingdom. Some of them occur naturally, while others might be man-made, achieved to serve a greater purpose.

Regardless of the cause, genetically mutated animals are interesting freaks of nature, and they definitely deserve our attention. To show you some of the most remarkable mutated animals, we compiled this list with 25 Surprisingly Real Life Animal Mutations.

Note: All of the mutant animals featured in this post occurred naturally, most of them probably due to the increasing environmental pollution, which is just another sad indicator how drastically planet Earth’s health is worsening.

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Cow with Six Legs

Cow with six legsSource: motherboard.vice.com

This cow was born with two extra legs on its back. The mutation of this animal was caused by radioactivity released during the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986. Even now, more than 30 years after the disaster, radioactivity can be still found in some animals living in the area.


Pig with Two Heads

Pig with two headsSource: huffingtonpost.com

A Chinese farmer was shocked when he saw the two-headed piglet that was born on his farm in April 2013. The condition of having two heads is known as polycephaly.


Fish with Two Mouths

Fish with two mouths Source: ibtimes.co.uk

A fish with two mouths was caught in the Lake Bonney in South Australia in 2015. The man who caught the fish said the upper mouth functioned normally while the lower mouth was permanently open.


Double-Muscled Dog

Double-muscled dogSource: independent.co.uk

Wendy the Whippet is twice as muscular and heavy as a regular whippet due to a rare genetic disorder. However, Chinese scientists are known to have created genetically-engineered, extra muscular dogs for hunting and military applications.


Pig with Monkey Face

Pig with monkey faceSource: mirror.co.uk

In 2016, a piglet with the head of monkey was born in the town of Ciego de Avila in Central Cuba. Sadly, the piglet died just four days after it was born. Some experts say that environmental pollution was the cause of this disturbing mutation.

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