25 Tasks That Should Be Very Simple But Aren’t

Given the fact that we live in such an advanced society, you would think that certain things would be easier than they are. For example, finding the seam on a piece of tape. We can land on the moon, map the human genome, and create nuclear bombs but we can’t figure out a way to find that stinkin’ seam. How is this even possible?

Or what about those plastic packages that the thing you really need right now always come in? How do you open those besides spending 30 minutes slashing and gashing at it with a butcher knife? There’s even a name for it – wrap rage. That’s right, we could figure out a clever name for it, but we couldn’t actually solve it.

Of course, many of the things on this list are just there for fun. And we know, there probably is some kind of hack or gadget out there that is meant to simplify exactly what we’re busy griping about. But that doesn’t change the fact that these things should still be easier. You shouldn’t need to buy something else to make using what you just bought more…usable. These are 25 tasks that should be very simple but aren’t!

Featured Image: wikipedia


Canceling Siri

Canceling SiriImage: youtube, Source: reddit

More specifically, canceling Siri right after accidentally activating her. Inevitable button mashing to follow.


Separating two flat pieces of lego

Separating two flat pieces of legoImage: wikipedia, Source: 9gag

Especially the ones with 4 studs…after you just clipped your fingernails.



SleepingImage: youtube, Source: thoughtcatalog

Waking up isn’t any easier.


Inserting a USB stick

Inserting a USB stickImage: wikipedia, Source: 9gag

How is it still upside down even when you turn it over?


Matching your socks

Matching your socksImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Why is there always one left over?

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