25 Teacher Frustrations That You Probably Never Thought About

Those who have never worked in a school might not realize it, but teaching is actually one of the hardest (and sometimes also most underrated) jobs. Naturally, teachers are supposed to teach, but they very often perform a whole bunch of other roles such as psychologist, adviser, policeman, therapist, detective, paramedic, judge etc. On almost a daily basis, teachers have to deal with rude students, arrogant parents, and ruthless bosses, knowing they will get paid a ridiculously low salary for all their hard work and efforts. Moreover, with all the latest lifestyle changes and modern technologies, the challenges and problems that today’s teachers encounter differ greatly from those that teachers faced in the past. As September is the most dreaded month for most teachers, we decided to compile a list with some of the frustrations that teachers have to deal with so that we will pay tribute to this meritorious but underrated job and raise awareness about teachers’ hardship. If you thought teaching was all about holidays and finishing work at 3 pm, you will be surprised to see how demanding and unenviable of a job it actually is. From the feared teacher-parent meetings and the infamous lunch duties to Facebook friend requests by their students, here are 25 Teacher Frustrations That You Probably Never Thought About.

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They have to hear literally every excuse under the sun, including some of the most ridiculous and improbable excuses that were ever made.


They have to deal with parents who are firmly convinced their children can do no wrong. Yes, parents of the naughtiest students in the school think that too.

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They hate cell phones and all smart devices that students love to use to cheat on exams and also for cyber-bullying.

students using cell phonesImage: en.wikipedia.org

They experience the extremely uncomfortable moments when all the students are laughing, and they have no idea why.

children-laughingImage: pixabay.com


They often hear that teaching is an easy job. Yes, teachers usually work until about 3 pm, but how about all the countless hours spent on their home preparation?

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