25 Terrifying Robots Currently In Development

Amazing advancements in technology in recent years have led to some terrifying robots currently in development. With those advancements come new opportunities that we have never before thought possible. Robots today are capable of going to the furthest reaches of the planet, communicate like humans, and even learn, but as anyone who has watched any of the “Terminator” movies can tell you, this could be just as scary a prospect as it is exciting.

Nowadays, we have robots that can outrun us, outsmart us, and even some that can kill us if they tried. As AI improves each year, it may not be long before they think for themselves. With all that said, here are 25 of the most terrifying robots currently in development. Make sure to remember their names, because some of the machines might just take over the world some day.


Robugtix T8X

20bigdogSource: https://www.robugtix.com/t8x/

I don’t think I have to explain what makes the T8X so terrifying, just the fact that it’s a giant robotic spider is scary enough on its own. The appearance isn’t everything though, this robot has been programmed to move and behave exactly like a real spider would, upping the creepiness tenfold. Luckily, the T8X is only a remote controlled toy, but the company behind the T8X, aptly named “Robugtix,” has a number of new spider-bots in the works, bigger, more autonomous, and even more terrifying.



19asimoSource: https://global.honda/innovation/robotics/ASIMO.html

ASIMO is a humanoid service robot currently being developed by Honda Robotics. The ASIMO project started all they way back in 2000, and today it is one of the more advanced humanoid robots in the world with the ability to recognize faces, voices, and gestures, and it can autonomously decide how to respond, such as waving or shaking an offered hand.



18rhexSource: https://www.bostondynamics.com/rhex

Created by Boston Dynamics, this six-legged robot excels at traversing rough terrain such as rocks, mud, sand, vegetation, and snow. This versatility, along with RHex’s completely water proof body, makes this little insectoid robot one of the most successful machines for surveying or reconnaissance in hard to reach, dangerous locations. Extensive testing by the U.S. government has found that it’s capable of going pretty much anywhere.



17bionicflyingfoxSource: https://www.festo.com/group/en/cms/13130.htm

This robotic bat moves, flies, and resembles the animal from which it gets its name in every way except for one; it has a body length of more than two feet long and a wingspan of nearly seven and a half feet, all while barely cracking one pound. The robot is autonomous in the air, though it still needs assistance taking off or landing. It can compare data from each flight to a database and “learn” the most efficient way for it to travel.


Cheetah 3

cheetahSource: http://news.mit.edu/2018/blind-cheetah-robot-climb-stairs-obstacles-disaster-zones-0705

MIT’s new Cheetah 3 robot is not only capable of galloping over rough terrain, climbing stairs, and leaping over 30 inches in the air, but also doing all of that without the use of any cameras or environmental sensors whatsoever. Although the engineers do intend to eventually add working sensors, the robots ability to operate uneven terrain completely blind could make it the perfect candidate to head in to environments where vision could be unreliable.

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