25 Terrifying Shark Attack Stories

According to a study carried out by the University of Florida, your chances of being attacked by a shark are about 1 in 11.5 million. Being killed by a shark is actually one of the least likely causes of death, but that does not mean you cannot get attacked by this feared marine predator. In fact, there have been a number of fatal shark attack stories over the past years. If you are interested in real life shark attack stories, you should check out today’s post with these 25 Terrifying Shark Attack Stories.

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Rodney Fox

sharkSource: animals.howstuffworks.com

Let us start out with one of the most incredible shark horror stories ever – the story of Rodney Fox. In 1953, Fox was defending his Australian spear-fishing title when a great white shark attacked him. Fox suffered numerous injuries including a punctured diaphragm, pierced shoulder blade, and ripped lung. His rescuers even had to keep his wetsuit on to prevent his internal organs from spilling out. However, after 4 hours of surgery and 360 stitches, Fox lived to tell his tale.


Randall Fry

shark eatingSource: sfgate.com

During a 2004 diving trip in California, Cliff Zimmerman was only 3 feet away from Randy Fry, his old friend and diving partner, when he heard a noise and felt the pressure of something big moving. It was a huge shark that came quickly out of nowhere and killed Fry. Suddenly, Zimmerman said, the water was filled with blood. Both the shark and Fry disappeared and were never seen again.


David Lilienfeld

great white sharkSource: ibtimes.com

South African championship body-boarder David Lilienfeld was killed by a big great white shark measuring between 13 and 16 feet long in the Kogel Bay near Cape Town in 2012. The shark attacked him 3 times; sadly, the third attack was fatal as the animal completely removed Lilienfeld’s right leg at the hip. The paramedics couldn’t get to the injured man as the shark was still circling around his body. Lilienfeld died of massive blood loss, right on the scene.


Omar Conger

sharkSource: telegraph.co.uk

Four shark attacks happened over just a 15-day period off the Pacific Coast of the US in 1984 – beginning with the gruesome death of an abalone diver Omar Conger. Cogner was treading water when his companion, Chris Rehm, saw a great white shark rear up out of the water behind him. The shark attacked Cogner and pulled him under the water. The shark then resurfaced and released Conger. Rehm pulled his friend onto their dive mat and swam ashore, but Conger bled to death in the water.


Barry Wilson

shark Source: therichest.com

A group of beachgoers were enjoying swimming around the Lover’s Point on the Pacific coast of California in December 1952 when Barry Wilson, a 17 year-old musician, got attacked by a shark. The animal emerged from the water, sinking its teeth into Wilson while dragging him rapidly under water. When he reappeared, the water around him was churning with blood. Sadly, Wilson died due to the massive blood loss that resulted from his severe injuries.

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