25 Things Sexy People Do To Make Others Go Wild

Sex sells. It’s an inalienable truth of the advertising world. Beyond business, despite whether we want them or not, we all have profound preferences for attractive people, even believing they are smarter and better leaders. This is partly why we funnel billions of dollars into health and beauty every year, aiming to look a bit younger, a bit brighter, or a bit more toned. While some of this is health related, much of it is to garner the lustful eyes of followers on Instagram or to get a new match on Tindr. We all want and want to be sexy people.

In this list, we present 25 things sexy people do – and which you can do too (if you want to be sexier). Looking hot doesn’t just have to do with physical characteristics; it’s also strongly mental- or attitude-based. Sexy people are confident, courageous, and responsible. They know that long-lasting and deep-seated attractiveness is built on more than just physical stimulation but also on mental and emotional excitement. They work to develop themselves on a holistic level and are uniquely aware of the impression they give off when they enter a room. Get your groove on and try adopting some of the tips in this list of 25 Things Sexy People Do To Make Others Go Wild.

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Deck out their wardrobe

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They saying goes that “clothes make the man.” While not necessarily true, it is true that what you wear puts off a certain tone and makes people view you in a certain way. Sexy people are known for dressing well and matching their clothes to the environment they’re in. You don’t always have to dress up in a suit or dress, but make sure you’re looking crisp and fashionable.


Don't give too much away

facial expressions on headsSource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

Sexy people give off an air of mystery, of intrigue, of “who am I really,” and they do this by talking less. By not giving up the whole story, you make people wonder about you and want to hear more. (If you want to be really sexy while talking, check out #12.)


Look unique

Weird_Al-_YankovicSource: Aloha Magazine, Image: Wikipedia

Have you ever seen someone that looked so darn attractive and you have no idea why? While many of us try to pluck this or tuck that to make us look more like a set standard of beauty, individual features can be what set us apart. Whether it’s a distinctive scar (ok, so this is just a blatant Harry Potter reference) or a unique style of hair and makeup (though you might want to steer clear of purple hair in most cases), playing up one of your distinctive features can be what makes others go gaga for you.


Have personal congruence

Beyoncé_I_Am..._Tour_NewcastleSource: Iheartintelligence, Image: smilesea via Flickr

Though it seems like a strange term, personal congruence is one of the central tenants of attractiveness. It means the alignment of one’s thoughts, words, and actions. Having personal congruence means you are being honest with yourself and your feelings, and it makes you seem confident and put-together.


Listen to others

Arnold_Lakhovsky_ConversationSource: Inc., Image: Wikipedia

Whereas you might find somebody incredibly hot, your best friend might not. This goes to show that what we find sexy easily varies from person to person. One of the best ways sexy people make sure others are digging them is by listening. By listening and giving verbal and physical cues to show they are involved in the story, they strengthen their bond with whomever they are talking with.

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