25 Things That Can’t Be Found On The Internet…Yet

The internet has come to dominate almost every aspect of our lives. From apps on our smart phones to the way we take tests and quizzes at school, there are very few places where digital technology hasn’t extended its reach. If we are looking for something to buy, we google it. If we are looking for a cool place to visit, we google it. If we need some information on how to cook a certain meal, we google it. Never in human history has so much information been so directly available to so many people. These days you can go to school, work, and even conduct your hobbies all virtually. There is almost no shortage to what seems to have become possible. Of course, sometimes we just opt to spend our time watching cat videos and playing video games, but even then…the internet is providing us with relaxation.

It may seem like there is no limit to what can be done online, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Today we are going to explore the limits of cyberspace (at least as of the writing of this list). These are 25 Things That Can’t Be Found On The Internet…Yet!

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Deleted pictures that weren’t popular enough to get reposted (unless you're the NSA)


People that aren't connected to the internet

no internet connection


A hug

free hugsImage: J3SSL33 via flickr

The answers to your online quiz that’s due in 15 minutes

i'm ready for the quiz


Baby pictures of grandparents

family pictureImage: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (public domain)

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