25 Things The United States Does Remarkably Well

There are numerous reasons that the United States gets put on blast. From its love of violence (war, guns, capital punishment) to its lack merciful public policy (retributive justice, health care only if you can pay), there is no shortage of things that we could go into. While those are legitimate problems, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positives. In fact, today we are going to devote an entire list to explaining what America does right.

These days, it seems like not even Americans can decide on what exactly is wrong with the nation. So, in the interest of bringing all sides together, we are reverting to what is possibly the oldest tactic in the book. We are focusing on the positives. Maybe if we can all look at why we love the United States (yes, even you Europe), then maybe we can lose a bit of this hatred and contempt in our hearts for the “other side.” So, join us today as we dive headfirst into one of the most unlikely articles you are going to read in a long time. These are 25 Things The United States Does Remarkably Well.

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Technology and Convenience

Technology and ConvenienceImage: pixabay

Whether it’s an app or a 24 hour shopping center, Americans should never take this for granted. Most public places also offer free WiFi, which is why you won’t find many internet cafes.


You can buy almost anything.

You can buy almost anythingImage: pixabay

Well, almost. There are even a lot of international products you can find here; Unfortunately, Kinder Surprise isn’t one of them.


Free water at restaurants

Free water at restaurantsImage: pixabay

Many Americans are surprised when they travel abroad and find that this is not the case in many other places of the world. In fact, several restaurants in the US will automatically bring you a glass of water before you even ask.


No tall poppy syndrome

No tall poppy syndrome

In much of Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world, you are expected to keep your head down and conform, and you might be attacked for having a high status. In America, you are expected to break the mold and find ways to stand out and above others. It’s all about individuality.

Note: This also contributes to the fact that it is much easier to assimilate in the United States than in most other countries. In many places, it is impossible to ever be fully accepted as a citizen. You can learn the language, pick up the customs, and get the passport, but you will never fully be accepted. Furthermore, unlike other nations, immigrants can reach the top of the economic ladder in the United States.


Geographical and climactic diversity

Geographical and climactic diversityImage: wikipedia

Big cities, deserts, jungles, mountains, glaciers…you don’t even have to leave the country. This might be why some Americans don’t make any effort to travel outside their own country. It’s much easier to explore the vast diversity within the country.

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