25 Things To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

What are some things to do when your flight is delayed? It’s a good question, but first, here’s another one. Do you like to travel? For most people, travel is exciting. A vacation, or perhaps a chance to see family and friends you’ve missed, make new memories, and checked out of your regular life. For others, it’s a part of work. But one thing all plane travel has in common is the timing. You pick a flight based on what the airline has to offer, and you plan around that, assuming, in good faith, that the airline will hold up its end. Sometimes it’s mother nature’s fault, sometimes (oftentimes) it’s the fault of the airline, but flight delays happen. You’re all packed up and nowhere to go, often stuck on a layover far from home and your destination. So what can you do? Well, here’s 25 things to do when your flight is delayed.

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Hunt down a signed copy from your favorite author.

Collection-Books-Arranged-Rows-Bookstore-Bookshop-25Source: https://twitter.com/neilhimself

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman (and…if you’re not you should be), follow him on social media. He’s notorious for finding his books in airport bookshops, signing them, putting them back on the shelf, and posting what airport/shop they’re in on social media. You should also follow him on social media because he is wise and encouraging and kind.


Get Married

Chapel-Icon-Heart-Wedding-Wedding-Chapel-LoveSource: https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/las-vegas-airport-wedding-kiosk-valentines-day

Frankfurt Airport offers wedding packages, the idea being that you get married and immediately leave on your Honeymoon. If that seems like too much work, for the first half of February, the Las Vegas airport is offering a pop up marriage license, as they usually issue twice as many marriage licenses in the month of February as they do any other time of the year. The fee is a mere $77. While you can’t get married at the airport, the wedding chapels start a mere ten minutes away, and some have drive-through options. Plenty of time.


Figure Out Why Your Flight Was Delayed And Make a Plan B, C & D


Yeah, this should probably be pretty high on your list. There’s a million reasons why this can happen, but if you find yourself in a line 250 people long, waiting for your airline’s in airport representative, feel free to stay in line but call the customer service number. They often can help you just as much as the poor, equally tired man or woman at the end of the line. Please make an effort to be kind. No one you will talk to has caused the delay, and you’re all having equally bad days because of it.


Rent A Car And Drive Instead


Look, if your flight was going to be less than two hours over land, and it’s going to be delayed by more than five or six hours, consider just renting a car and driving. You might get there sooner.


Catch A Movie


Airports all over the world – Seoul, Minneapolis, Singapore, New Delhi and Portland – are opening up movie theatres. Movies are awesome. Getting to do an awesome thing instead of sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs is a no brainer.

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