25 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Watch Star Wars Episode 7

Spoilers below! Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is one of the most anticipated sequels in movie history. After the previous series ended over ten years ago, few thought there would be a follow-up to the six-part Star Wars dynasty. Even Director George Lucas said there wouldn’t be. (Unless you’re a diehard Star Wars fan who remembers an early-70’s interview with Mark Hamill where he mentioned Lucas mulling around the idea and potentially asking him to reprise his role.) The latest film will bring back iconic characters such as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia, while adding a rockstar new cast that includes a possible female protagonist and Storm Trooper-turned-Jedi. Disney World already has some Star Wars-themed attractions at its parks but plans to expand the offerings with aspects from the new movie (and will likely change some based on the last two in this new trilogy, scheduled to come out sooner than you might think). If it’s been a while, there’s just enough time to re-watch the six original Star Wars movies to get caught up for the newest film’s release – or there are plenty of marathon watch parties the day before Episode VII opens in theaters. So pull out the VHS tapes and have a party, and check out these 25 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Watch Star Wars The Force Awakens.

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Han Solo's updated role

Millennium FalconSource: Cinema Blend, Image: Bagogames via Flickr

Han Solo will fly the infamous Millennium Falcon at some point during the film, though previews appear to show it won’t be at the outset. He’s expected to help new characters Rey and Finn search for Luke Skywalker.


Chewbacca is bacca

WookieeSource: Cinema Blend, Image: Wikimedia

Chewbacca, one of the most iconic and longest-starring Star Wars characters, will be back alongside his buddy Han Solo. The role will again be played by British actor Peter Mayhew, who at 7’3″ makes Chewie seem larger than life.


Filming studio

pinewood studiosSource: Star Wars Underworld, Image: Kurt Thomas Hunt via Flickr

Most of the filming for Star Wars VII was done at Pinewood Studios outside of London. The studio has also been responsible for other famous films such as the Harry Potter series and Skyfall, the James Bond film.


On-location filming scenes

Skellig MichaelSource: Star Wars Underworld, Image: Wikimedia

While much of the shooting for previous Star Wars films occurred in Tunisia, many desert scenes for The Force Awakens have been in deserts around Abu Dhabi. Other on-location filming includes shots at Skellig Michael, an island off Ireland’s western coast.


Spin-off films from the trilogy

Boba_FetSource: Star Wars Underworld, Image: Wikipedia

Three spin-off films are planned besides the new trilogy, though little is known about these movies which should be released by 2020. What we do know is they will each focus on the origin of a different Star Wars character.

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