25 Things We Secretly Or Openly Miss From The ’90s

Many polls conducted by major online and print media such as The Independent and Reader’s Digest among others have shown recently that even though we have greatly superior technology today, over fifty percent of the readers who participated in the polls apparently miss the more simple gadgets and glory days of analog technology of the ‘90s. Let’s face it: the ’90s are the new ‘80s and as time goes by, the nostalgia for that amazing decade will just keep growing bigger and bigger. Especially when you consider things like Britt Pop, Cassettes, Disc Mans, and so on. So why not take a nostalgic trip with us as we visit 25 things we secretly or openly miss from the ’90s.

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Netscape Navigator


Some kids today refer to Internet Explorer and Firefox as “old school” browsers and that is so wrong. Netscape Navigator is the truly old school browser, and for that matter, this year it celebrated its twentieth anniversary. It used to be the dominant browser software before Internet Explorer’s reign, but by the early 2000s its use had almost disappeared from the face of the earth.


Married with Children


Married with Children (first started in 1987) has got to be one of the greatest TV shows ever and an instant ‘90s classic. Never has so many negative stereotypes regarding a lower middle-class American family been portrayed in such a lighthearted, intelligent, and comical fashion. Though there were those who took offense, the majority of the audience responded with tons of laughter.

The show ran for eleven seasons (over 250 episodes), which is pretty incredible for a comedy and this alone should give you an indication of its dedicated fan base. Al Bundy paved the way for the actors who followed concerning how one should portray the ultimate loser that everybody hates to love.




Mew can control time, destroy mountains, and form the universe; Garchomp is the ferocious archetype of a dragon Pokémon; Metagross was born as the ultimate combo of brains and brawn. Gotta catch ’em all! Gotta catch ‘em all!

Oops, sorry guys I got carried away there for a moment.




Hard-core sci-fi geeks of the ‘90s will always reminisce with love over the adventures of Duncan MacLeod from the classic ‘90s Highlander series. The show was based on the 1986 film of the same name starring Christopher Lambert and the legendary Sean Connery, and explored the good and bad sides of being an immortal. The highlights of the show were without a doubt the special effects every time an immortal was decapitated and Duncan sucked out his power. I know, I know, it sounds too violent but there can be only one!




Here’s another curious case where nostalgia makes you miss things that in reality made you more miserable than happy. Despite the fact that Sony first came up with a portable CD player back in the eighties at an extremely high cost of $350 to $400, it wasn’t until the mid-nineties when CDs sent vinyl records and cassettes into the retirement home in the most brutal fashion that the Discman took off. Although the device skipped constantly at every bump and they were known for their very short “longevity,” we loved them regardless.

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