25 Things You Might Not Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

On February 28, 2016, after a long 22 years and 6 nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar for best actor in “The Revenant”. As his ultimate triumph was expected and celebrated by millions of his fans and it became one of the highlights of the 88th Academy Awards; we decided to pay tribute to this phenomenal actor by compiling a list with some cool and little known things you might not know about Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether you liked Leonardo in his role as Jack Dawson in the 1997 epic romance “Titanic”; as Frank Abagnale in the 2002 crime drama “Catch Me If you Can”; as Jordan Belfort in the 2013 black comedy “The Wolf of Wall Street”; or as Hugh Glass in the 2015 Oscar-winning survival western thriller “The Revenant”, DiCaprio is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most famous contemporary Hollywood actors to date.

However, aside from his Hollywood fame, Leonardo DiCaprio is also a committed environmentalist and philanthropist. He gave $3 million to help save the tigers in Nepal in 2013, another $3 million to ocean conservation the following year, and in 2010, he also donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti. No wonder he was chosen by People Magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”. Leonardo is constantly in the spotlight so we’re sure you might be somewhat familiar with this beautiful human being. However, we’re almost positive that there are a couple of things you might not know about Leonard Dicaprio in spite of his fame. From his first appearance on screen to his near death encounter with a shark, these are 25 things you might not know about Leonardo Dicaprio.

Congratulations Leo! It’s about time your hard work was formally recognized. And by the way, your speech was EPIC!

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Leonardo was born in California as an American but his origin is far more complex. His mother Irmelin was born in Germany, his father George is half-Italian and half-German and one of his grandmothers was Russian. In an interview in Russia, DiCaprio even referred to himself as "half Russian".

Leonardo DiCaprioSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: flickr.com

A dedicated environmentalist, Leonardo gave $3 million to help save the tigers in Nepal in 2013, and another $3 million to ocean conservation the following year. In 2010, he also donated $1 million to relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

tigerSource: vogue.com, image: en.wikipedia.org


Leonardo was named after Leonardo Da Vinci (famous Italian polymath and universal genius) because he first kicked in his mother's womb when she saw Leonardo Da Vinci's artwork at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and his artist father felt it was apt.

Leonardo Da VinciSource: imdb.com, image: commons.wikimedia.org

When Leonardo started his acting career, his agent advised him to change his name to a more American-friendly Lenny Williams. Needless to say, he did not follow that advice.

Leonardo DiCaprioSource: www.celebsnow.co.uk, image: en.wikipedia.org


Leo has an adopted daughter. While filming the movie “Blood Diamond”, he worked with 24 orphaned children from the SOS Children’s Village in Mozambique. There was one little girl he made a close connection with and he decided to adopt her. He sends her money each month for living expenses and food, and is said to call her regularly to stay in touch.

orphaned childrenSource: therichest.com, image: en.wikipedia.org

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