25 Things You Might Not Know Came From Sweden

Despite having only 9 million residents, Sweden hits way above its weight when it comes to innovation. The Scandinavian country has produced some of the most well-known products in the world, many of which we use on a daily basis. For example, did you know the Celsius temperature scale was developed by a Swede? How about countless life-saving medical devices including the pacemaker? Or, how about one of Coca-Cola’s most recognizable symbols? (And as for the United States, it might be a very different country were it not for the Swedish invention and inventor in #24.)

In this list, we bring to light things you might not know came from Sweden. Though people like Alfred Nobel and products like Absolut Vodka are better-known Swedish exports – well, besides clothing manufacturer H&M – our modern lives would not be possible without the immense contributions from talented Swedish inventors. Maybe all the research and innovation is because Sweden hasn’t fought in a war since 1814 or because its high salaries attract talented workers. Either way, Sweden and its products are revolutionizing our world. Check out some of these amazing products in our list of 25 Things You Might Not Know Came From Sweden.


Coca-Cola Bottle

Coca_Cola_ad_ca._1943Source: Coca-Cola Company, Image: Wikipedia

Almost every person in the world recognizes the Coca-Cola bottle thanks to its distinctive shape. Though Coke was founded by John Pemberton, its iconic bottle was designed and originally produced by Swede Alexander Samuelsson.



Hercules.propellerSource: Sverige Turism, Image: Wikipedia

One of the most important inventions making modern-day travel possible, the propeller was originally designed for ships and patented by Swedish inventor John Ericsson in 1836. Ericsson famously built the Yankee battleship Monitor, which helped the North clinch victory from the South.



novelty zippersSource: Sverige Turism, Image: Wikipedia

A common feature of most of our wardrobes, backpacks, and more, the zipper was designed by Swedish-American inventor Gideon Sundbäck. Patented in 1917, the zipper’s interlocking teeth and slider have touched nearly every textile industry on Earth. (Fun fact: Originally, the zipper was called the hookless fastener – boring!)



Eric_Prydz_totally_rocking_the_main_roomSource: Ten Facts About, Image: Wikimedia

While every country has musicians, Sweden has some of the most popular; the country is the third largest music exporter in the world after the United States and United Kingdom. Though most people know of ABBA – they even have a museum in Stockholm – did you know that Ace of Base, Eric Prydz, and Avicii are also from Sweden?


Celsius Temperature Scale

celsius thermometerSource: Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Image: Wikipedia

Used by all but five countries, the Celsius temperature scale was developed by mathematician and astronomer Anders Celsius. After massively contributing to the field of astronomy with his observations of eclipses and planetary orbits, the scientist developed a new thermometer which measures 100 degrees between the freezing point and boiling point of water.

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