25 Things You Should Buy Your Mom To Make Her Feel Special

For most of us, our moms are the greatest and most important person in our lives. Protecting us from all the dangers of the world, they are everything for us when we are small and they often remain the focal point of our lives even later, when we become parents ourselves. It seems almost impossible to really thank our mothers for all they have done for us. Yet, there’s just one day in a year dedicated to moms – Mother´s Day, mostly celebrated on the second Sunday in May. But don’t you think our mothers deserve to be thanked and pampered more often than just once in a year? As we at List25 are sure they do, we took our time and created another post to pay tribute to our moms (and help you pay tribute to her as well). Whether it’s just a little bunch of flowers or luxury jewelry, any unexpected gift will certainly make your mom happy. If you want to surprise your mother with a gift and thank her for being there for you, check out these 25 Things You Should Buy Your Mom To Make Her Feel Special.


Ninja professional blender

Ninja professional blender Source and image: amazon.com

Help your mom save some of her precious time by getting her this highly efficient kitchen assistant. Available at a price of just $115, this ultimate blender features powerful blades that pulverize and crush through ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds.



Frozen yoghurt maker

Frozen yoghurt makerSource and image: amazon.com

Talking about useful kitchen devices, we are sure your mom loves frozen yoghurt or ice cream (or both). Produced by Cuisinart, this sophisticated machine makes delicious frozen desserts in less than 20 minutes.



Painting with a poem

Painting with a poemSource and image: amazon.com

Express your feeling to your mom with this touching poem by Genie Graveline. Enhanced with beautiful watercolor graphics, the painting is double-matted in a rich burgundy over hunter green.



Jewelry music box

Jewelry music boxSource and image: amazon.com

Please your mom with this elaborated jewelry music box by Cottage Garden. Playing song Wind Beneath My Wings, the box has a nicely decorated photo frame lid where 2×4 inch personal photo can be inserted.



Heart pendant necklace

Heart pendant necklace Source and image: amazon.com

Plated with 18k white gold on the outside, this beautiful Marenja necklace has “I Love You, Mom” engraved on it, which perfectly express your infinite gratitude and love to your mom. While the inlaid heart symbolizes the child, the ring around it is the mother.


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