25 Things You Should Buy Your Mom To Make Her Feel Special

For most of us, our moms are the greatest and most important person in our lives. Protecting us from all the dangers of the world, they are everything for us when we are small and they often remain the focal point of our lives even later, when we become parents ourselves. It seems almost impossible to really thank our mothers for all they have done for us. Yet, there’s just one day in a year dedicated to moms – Mother´s Day, mostly celebrated on the second Sunday in May. But don’t you think our mothers deserve to be thanked and pampered more often than just once in a year? As we at List25 are sure they do, we took our time and created another post to pay tribute to our moms (and help you pay tribute to her as well). Whether it’s just a little bunch of flowers or luxury jewelry, any unexpected gift will certainly make your mom happy. If you want to surprise your mother with a gift and thank her for being there for you, check out these 25 Things You Should Buy Your Mom To Make Her Feel Special.


World´s greatest mom shirt

World´s greatest mom shirtSource and image: amazon.com

Let everybody know who the world´s greatest mom is with this mother’s day shirt. Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, the shirt is available in a wide range of colors.



Teen Owner´s Manual

Teen Owner´s ManualSource and image: amazon.com

If you are in your early teens, get your mom this book by Sarah Jordan that will help her get prepared for all the changes and challenges associated with your adolescence. Written in a humorous style, the book will answer all of her pressing questions.



Rocking chair

Rocking chair Source and image: amazon.com

Few things will give your mom a more comfortable and deserved chill time as this stylish rocking chair. Made from birch wood and metal, this rocking chair by SoBuy is easy to assemble and has a capacity of up to 265 pounds (120 kg).



Lip balm kit

Lip balm kitSource and image: amazon.com

Let your mom pamper her lips with this amazing lip balm kit containing shea butter, beeswax beads and sweet almond oil. Coming with tubes, jars and blank labels for maximum personalization, the kit boasts the best customer review in its category.



Scented soya candle

Scented soya candle Source and image: amazon.com

Scented candles make a great gift for any occasion but this scented soya candle poured into a real coconut shell will make your mom feel really special. Made in Hawaii, this beautifully fragrant candle can burn up to 70 hours (almost 3 straight days).


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