25 Easy Ways To Be A Kinder Person

It doesn’t take a lot to be kind to another individual. All you need is a little effort, courage, and compassion to make somebody feel special and important. In doing so, not only will you be a better person to others, but you will also feel better about yourself. Here are 25 Easy Ways To Be A Kinder Person.


Set an example for children.

teacher interacting with kids at library

You don’t have to be a parent or teacher in order to pass on knowledge to children. Volunteer to be a big brother or sister to a child. Go to schools and share your experiences, talk about your job, or teach them a skill. Lead by example. Show them the advantages to being a good person, and teach them how to be kind out in the world. Teaching kindness will lead to more of it in future generations, all while showing kindness yourself.


Help out with events.

women hanging decorations

When somebody is planning a large event, such as a wedding, party, or shower, their to-do list can get overwhelming. Offer to help pick up the slack by suggesting specific things that you can do to help, like make food, run errands, or decorate. Choose things within your specific skill set, yet leave the large decisions for the host to make. This will make you the ideal helper.


Help out with child care.

man hanging out with child

If you see a friend, family member, or neighbor in need of child care, offer to watch their kids while they run errands, work, or need to recharge. Pick up the slack in their busy lives. You will feel valued when they put their children into your care, and you will help out a person in need.


Reach out to those who need kindness the most.

soup kitchen

Volunteer your time and skills to brightening the day of those less fortunate. Help out at soup kitchens. Donate to charitable organizations. Take new or gently used items to shelters, nursing homes, or group homes. Find a cause that you support, and spend some time helping that cause.


Make way for those who are in a hurry.

woman opening door

Kindness can mean making someone’s day easier. One way to do this is by making way when someone is hurrying from one place to another. Whatever their reason for rushing, clear a path, and help them get to where they are going faster. You may even get a “thank you” as they pass by.

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