25 Top Secret Menu Items Of All Time

The saying “It’s bigger in Texas” may be true, but in our top secret menu items list we’ve teamed up with our YouTube friend Ken Domik from KBDProductionsTV to show you it can be bigger all over North America (if not the world). We’re talking about secret menu items: meals that exist at the most popular fast food restaurants which aren’t listed on the menu, but if you ask nicely (and read this list), you too can sink your teeth into these massive and secretive menu food items. From a burger which easily surpasses our 2,000 daily calorie limit to a coffee which will make you feel like Harry Potter, get ready for some mind blowing food porn with these 25 Top Secret Menu Items Of All Time.

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Quesarito - Chipotle

Quesarito - ChipotleSource: HackTheMenu.com; Image: List 25

Chipotle is already nirvana on Earth, right? If you’re a religious burrito or bowl eater, we have a new item for you – the Quesarito. For an extra $3.50 (totally worth it), you’ll have your standard burrito wrapped in a double-layered (make sure to ask for the two-shelled version), Monterey Jack cheese-dripping, quesadilla: the single best burrito wrapper ever. A meal like this should count as perfect for a great first date, right?


Butterbeer Frappuccino - Starbucks

Butterbeer Frappuccino - StarbucksSource: HackTheMenu.com; Image: List 25

Do you dream of being a wizard just like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger? Do you also happen to have a Starbucks addiction? If so, put aside that Double-Mint Frappuccino and take yourself into the wizarding world by ordering the Butterbeer Frappuccino. A Vanilla Bean Frap with pumps of toffee nut and caramel, the Butterbeer Frap will have you saying Wingardium Leviosa (to your cash) in no time.


The McLand, Air, and Sea Burger - McDonald's

The McLand, Air, and Sea Burger - McDonald'sKBDProductionsTV

“One if by land and two if by sea” may have been McDonald’s inspiration (disclaimer: no, it definitely wasn’t) for the McLand, Air, and Sea: a BigMac, McChicken, and Filet-o-Fish. At $5 per burger meal, this burger costs as much as a sit-down dinner so maybe better to save it for a splurge day. Compress the buns (unless you have jaws as big as a great white shark) and stuff the Filet-o-Fish in the McChicken then in the BigMac at whatever levels you like – it’s all going down the same way! Feel free to eliminate some of the buns if you can’t wrap your mouth around it.


The Incredible Hulk - Taco Bell

The Incredible Hulk - Taco BellSource: HackTheMenu.com; Image: List 25

If the first thing you think when entering a taqueria isn’t “Load up on the guac!”, the Incredible Hulk may change your mind. (And if the first thing you think upon entering Taco Bell is “This can’t be healthy!”, it may change that opinion too. The Incredible Hulk is a five-layer burrito made healthy: the nacho cheese sauce is removed along with the sour cream and the extra inner tortilla shell. In their place, Fiesta Salsa and loads of guacamole are added to make a burrito which will have you seeing green (all over your mouth and napkins).


Chicken McGriddle - McDonald's

Chicken McGriddle - McDonald'sKBDProductionsTV

Every McGriddle is essentially work of the gods. So it’s no surprise any secret menu item including this staple can do no wrong. Combining a McGriddle (any variety you like) and southern chicken and waffles (minus the waffles) is the Chicken McGriddle. To make, stuff a McChicken patty in between the syrupy goodness and devour. This is one of the more tricky secret menu items to make as you have to arrive at McDonalds during the change between breakfast and lunch to order a McGriddle during breakfast then a McChicken after the turnover.

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