25 Totally Crazy Photos From Russia

No matter what country we live in, we all sometimes feel like the people around us are crazy. They wear weird clothes, do creepy stuff, say strange things… But the craziness of people´s behavior can be very relative. What seems weird to you doesn’t have to be weird for someone else. However, there is one particular country that got famous all over the world for the craziest and most improbable photos from everyday life. Yes, it’s Russia. After watching the following 25 pictures from this country, you will probably revise your rankings of what is normal and what is crazy.

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We all know Russia is an extremely cold country but some of the people living there obviously managed to adapt. Sunbathing on snow seems like a common thing.

russiacrazy.com Funny-pictures-meanwhile-in-Russia-51russiacrazy.com

Similarly to cold baths for pregnant women.

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If you cannot cope with coldness, you have to find a way to warm you up. Nothing warm your feet better than a gas oven.

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And nothing compares to a relaxing chat with friends in a heated swimming pot.

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If your car air conditioner doesn’t provide enough heat, just installed a stove in the car.

photoblog.nbcnews.com pb-120209-volvo-woodburning-stove-02.photoblog900photoblog.nbcnews.com

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