25 True Crime Stories About Serial Killers To Keep You Up At Night

Throughout history, humans have committed horrific crimes, and our list 25 True Crime Stories About Serial Killers To Keep You Up At Night truly reflects this. But what exactly makes someone a serial killer? Are they the product of bad genes, environmental factors, or something even worse?

The truth is that no one really knows, and despite the efforts of modern criminology to decode the brain of a typical serial killer, we haven’t reached a concrete explanation yet. However, the one thing we know is that many serial killers have suffered early childhood trauma, such as sexual or physical abuse. Trauma is the most common element in the lives of the worst serial killers in history.

So, although they may look nothing like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, we promise you that the following 25 true crime stories about serial killers, will keep you up at night.

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The Milwaukee Cannibal


Jeffrey Dahmer was a schizophrenic serial killer who murdered his victims for personal pleasure. From 1978 to 1991, he raped, murdered and dissected the bodies of 17 men and young boys. He preserved the body parts in his house with which he would often masturbate.

He was captured and confessed his crimes in 1991. He was murdered by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution three years later.


The Marrakesh Arch-Killer


Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi was a Moroccan shoemaker and trader, who also murdered 36 women during the late 1800s. Aided by a 70-year-old woman named Rahali, the “Marrakesh Arch-Killer” invited wealthy women to his house to dine with him.

He would drug them and then murder them while they were sleeping. After he stole their belongings and money, he mutilated them and buried them under his shop. Mesfewi was finally arrested and executed in 1906.


The "Stingy" Serial Killer


Gennady Mikhasevich was a Russian serial killer who took the lives of 36 women between 1971 and 1985. According to reports, Mikhasevich was bitter over an ex-girlfriend who left him to marry another man while he was serving in the military. Soon after learning about her betrayal, he began to kill.  

Mikhasevich had a double life. He became a prestigious member of the Communist Party and started a family, but he kept killing. Mikhasevich sexually assaulted and strangled women in isolated locations without raising any suspicions.

Strangely, he also robbed his victims and gave their precious jewels to his wife as gifts. He was arrested and executed by firing squad in 1987.


The Illiterate Serial Killer


Wang Qiang is one of the most notorious serial killers in China’s history. Raised by an abusive, alcoholic father, Qiang never went to school. As a result, he was troubled, illiterate and could not hold a job.

Wang killed his first victim in 1995. By the time of his arrest in July of 2003,  Quang had murdered 45 people. According to his confessions, he enjoyed raping young girls after he killed them. He was executed in 2005 at the of 30.


The Volga Maniac is Walking Among Us


An unidentified Russian serial killer that goes by the name of the “Volga Maniac” is currently living among us. He was accused of murdering 32 single elderly women (aged 75 to 90 years old), who resided in public apartment buildings in the Volga and Ural Federal Districts, Russia.

Investigators speculate that the serial killer was a native of Tatarstan during 2011-2012 where the crimes took place and studied in one of Kazan’s schools. Currently, the investigation continues.

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