25 Truly Shocking Punishments Given By Parents

What was the worst punishment that your parents gave you as a child? Some types of corporal punishments can be quite brutal. Today we’re going to meet some people who received the worst punishments from parents that one could ask for. Whether they are embarrassing or abusive, these are 25 truly shocking punishments given by parents.

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Dog Poop to School

dog poopSource: yahoo.com

We’re not joking. Apparently, some parents in LA made their child walk around with dog poop all day following their failure to clean up after the family pet.


The Room Removal

roomSource: ponyboyqq via reddit

According to one reddit user, his parents emptied his room. Then, over the course of several weeks, he could get his stuff back if he behaved and got good grades.


Calling the Police

policeSource: buzzfeed.com

There are a few stories in the news about parents pretending to call the police (or really doing it). Sometimes the police even pretend to take the kid to jail. Now that would be horrifying for a youngster.


Bullet through the Computer

computerSource: yahoo.com

There was a video posted on YouTube recently where parent Tommy Jordan took his daughter’s laptop into the yard and put a bullet through it. Why? Apparently, he had told her that he would do it if she didn’t stop acting up…she didn’t believe him.


Laying in your Urine

bed sheets textureSource: yahoo.com

One redditor explained how she had a kidney condition that caused her to wet the bed. Apparently, her mom forced her to lie in her own urine for hours.

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