25 Unbelievable Fast Food Hacks! (Part 2)

Are you a fast food lover? It’s true that fast food is not the healthiest option, but sometimes you just need to satisfy those cravings. Sometimes you’re craving something salty. Sometimes it’s something sweet.

Maybe you can have it all. Did you know that almost all fast food places have a secret menu? That’s right. Imagine having a Coolata that tastes like Captain Crunch Cereal. You can also order a Purple Sprite from Sonic.

If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry! You can combine burgers with chicken, and substitute cheese for guacamole. There are even healthy options. Check out these 25 Unbelievable Fast Food Hacks! (Part 2)

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Double grill your Quesadilla


Next time you go “across the border” to Taco Bell, ask them to double grill your burrito, taco, or quesadilla. There is nothing quite like the satisfying crunch that you’ll experience.


The Subway "Old Style Cut"


You can ask them to cut your sandwich “old style,” and they’ll cut the sandwich in a V shape which will prevent your veggies from falling out and causing a mess.


The McDonald's Frappe Hack


If you’re having a mocha frappe at McDonald’s, ask them to swap the chocolate syrup for fudge.


The Starbucks Espresso Hack


Okay, this one is pretty cool. Order a double Espresso over ice. Then fill up the cup with milk and sugar at the sidebar. You just made your own latte for less money.


McDonald's Cookie Hack


If you’re gonna order two cookies, we suggest chocolate chip. Then, ask the server to put soft serve ice cream in between them, and presto you have an ice cream sandwich.

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