25 Unbelievable Fast Food Hacks! (Part 2)

Are you a fast food lover? It’s true that fast food is not the healthiest option, but sometimes you just need to satisfy those cravings. Sometimes you’re craving something salty. Sometimes it’s something sweet.

Maybe you can have it all. Did you know that almost all fast food places have a secret menu? That’s right. Imagine having a Coolata that tastes like Captain Crunch Cereal. You can also order a Purple Sprite from Sonic.

If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry! You can combine burgers with chicken, and substitute cheese for guacamole. There are even healthy options. Check out these 25 Unbelievable Fast Food Hacks! (Part 2)

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The Chili-Pepper Cheese Fry Hack


If you’re at Shake Shack, get an order of cheese fries. The next part is quite elementary, Watson. You’re going to put some sliced chili-peppers on top and voila you got yourself some spicy and delicious chili-pepper cheese fries.


The Suicide Burger at BK


If you’re in decent health or you don’t care about your health, then go and order a Suicide Burger at Burger King. The burger consists of four patties, four slices of cheese and special sauce. Just make sure there is someone who knows C.P.R. nearby.


The Peanut-butter and bacon Shack Burger


Surprisingly, this was a menu item at Shake Shack, but they stopped making it due to allergy issues. No worries, you can still make it on your own. When ordering, ask for a bacon burger with peanut butter sauce on the side.


The Starbucks Beer Butter Frappucino


Unleash your inner Gryffindor or Slytherin and order a Beer Butter Frappuccino at Starbucks. A delicious blend of three pumps of toffee nut syrup, three pumps of caramel, and a base of creme brulee. Afterward, you can start a game of Quidditch.


The Five Guys Fatty Melt


A guilty pleasure that consists of two grilled cheese sandwiches and a hamburger.

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