25 Unbelievable Marketing Mess Ups You Might Remember

Do you remember some of the biggest marketing mess ups? These screw ups hurt the reputation of many companies. In fact, some of these companies even went bankrupt! How big must a marketing fail be in order to make a company go under? Get ready because you’re about to find out. These are 25 unbelievable marketing mess ups you might remember.



eaSource: kotaku.com

They sent out brassknuckles as part of a promo for the Godfather II. Unfortunately, they’re illegal in a majority of states.



mcdonaldsSource: theatlantic.com

They once released a financial calculator for their employees (to look like they cared about them…allegedly) It helped them budget rent, gas, etc. Unfortunately, it turned out that even when cutting out all luxuries, skipping meals, and not driving…the employees still didn’t have enough money to balance McDonald’s suggested budget. To make things worse there was even a line for income from a second job. So yes, they basically inadvertently admitted that it’s not possible to live on their income.


Vanderbilt College Football

footballSource: dailymail.co.uk

Recently, Vanderbilt changed their team slogan to “We don’t need your permission”. The time was really bad considering that several members of the team had been charged with gang rape.


Bud Light

bud lightSource: theguardian.com

In a similar vein to Vanderbilt, Budweiser once released an ad that included the phrase “taking ‘no’ out of your vocabulary for the night”. It’s hard to see how nobody caught that.


Mountain Dew

mountain dewSource: time.com

When they decided to let the internet help them name their next drink in a “Dub the Dew” campaign, the most highly voted entry was “Hitler did nothing wrong”.


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