25 Unbelievable Marketing Mess Ups You Might Remember

Do you remember some of the biggest marketing mess ups? These screw ups hurt the reputation of many companies. In fact, some of these companies even went bankrupt! How big must a marketing fail be in order to make a company go under? Get ready because you’re about to find out. These are 25 unbelievable marketing mess ups you might remember.



lockSource: wired.com

LifeLock is a company that specializes in protecting your identity. In order to prove this, co-founder Todd Davis had his social security number plastered onto LifeLock advertisements around the US. Perhaps not surprisingly, before the end of the year his identity was stolen 13 times.



walmartSource: huffingtonpost.com

Walmart’s marketing team faced similar cross-cultural struggles to those of Hershey’s when they tried to expand to Europe. When it came to promoting typical American retail values…like overly friendly cashiers, team building exercises, and low wages they ran up against legal trouble. That being said, the German market has a tendency to reject American corporatism to some extent, especially when it comes to a lack of environmental friendliness and pushing local retailers out of business. After a few years, Walmart decided to close shop in Deutschland.




jcpenneySource: forbes.com

They tried to sell things at the actual price but sales plummeted. It turns out that people prefer buying things that are marked down from artificially high price points. Why? Because they want to feel like they’re getting a deal. Yet another case for the business schools…



kfcSource: foxbusiness.com

They had to change their slogan in parts of China because “finger lickin’ good” was translated as “eat your fingers off”.



aydsSource: dietspotlight.com

It was a popular diet supplement before AIDS even entered public awareness. They allegedly tried asking scientists to change the name of the disease, which worked just about as well as you would have guessed. The brand was eventually discontinued.

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