25 Unbelievable Things Happening In China Right Now

You will not believe the things happening in China right now! The world’s most populated country (with a population of almost 1.4 billion) and the world’s second largest country in terms of area (with an area of almost 10 million sq km or 3.7 million sq mi), China is undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming and fascinating countries on Earth. A unique place where old traditions mix up with super modern technologies and advancement, China is also known to be one of the weirdest and most extraordinary places in the world. If you visit our site regularly, you might have learnt something about this country’s unusual shopping habits with these 25 Crazy Things You’ll Only Find In Chinese Walmarts; you probably know that the country has been struggling with enormous pollution (see these 25 Shocking Pictures Showing The Extent Of Pollution In China); you might have found out some cool facts about its most iconic feature with these 25 Astonishing Facts About The Great Wall Of China, and you have also learnt why China always wins in the Olympics with these 25 Reasons China Always Wins In The Olympics. Today, we are here with yet another post dedicated to this Asian superpower, but this time around, we will focus on unusual things that are happening in China right now. From a bizarre tradition known as the Ghost Wedding and the infamous dog-eating festival to schools that teach their students how to stab, here are 25 Unbelievable Things Happening In China Right Now.

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China is planning for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

OlympicsSource: China Uncensored, Image: pixabay.com

The problem is that Beijing usually does not get any snow. Therefore, Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics will rely completely on artificial snow.


China has Olympic training schools

chinese boySource: China Uncensored, Image: commons.wikimedia

Some Chinese children are selected at a young age to train their whole lives to win Olympic gold. The training is so brutal and intense that the kids often do not even get any other education. If they get injured or cannot win, they do not have many life choices.


China has a dog-eating festival

dogSource: China Uncensored, Image: pixabay.com

Around 10,000 poor dogs are eaten each year at the infamous Yulin Gog Meat Eating Festival. What makes this even sadder is the fact that most of these dogs are beaten and tortured before being killed as their meat is then alleged to taste better.


There is a serious Gerbil plague in Western China

GerbilSource: China Uncensored, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

A massive campaign to wipe out swarms of giant foot long gerbils was launched in 2003, but it has not been successful so far. The authorities have tried everything from poisons, gassing, breeding eagles to hunt them, hiring gerbil bounty hunters to dropping abortion pills on the plains.


A Chinese middle school is giving school girls knife training

stabbingSource: China Uncensored, Image: pixabay.com

There have been numerous cases of tragic school stabbing incidents in China in the past years, so one Chinese middle school decided to give their female students a military training that will teach them – among other things – how to stab.

If this shocks you, wait until you see number 10!

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