25 Unexplained Miracles You’ll Find Hard To Believe

Throughout history, the world has been filled with unexplained miracles and phenomena. Claims of healings, visions of religious figures, and relics performing bizarre acts have come from all over and fascinate people to this day. Many of these things science can’t explain and remain a mystery. They baffle skeptics and dazzle believers. If anything, they’re great stories to tell. Here are 25 Unexplained Miracles You’ll Find Hard To Believe.

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The Voice of Saint Clelia Barbieri

Clelia_BarbieriSource: http://www.miraclesofthesaints.com

Born in Italy in 1874, Clelia Barbieri helped found a church called Sisters Minims of Our Lady of Sorrows and was quite influential at the young age of 23. Sadly, she passed away from leukemia. However, before she died, she said to her followers, “Be brave because I am going to paradise; but I shall always remain with you, too; I shall never abandon you!” A year after her death while the sisters were singing, a high-pitched voice filled the church, swooping around them and singing in harmony with them. Her voice continued to follow them in their prayers and to this day is said to be heard at that church.


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Image_of_the_Virgin_Mary_at_the_new_Basilica_of_Our_Lady_of_Guadalupe,_Mexico_CitySource: http://blog.catholicfaithstore.com

Sightings of the Virgin Mary have happened all throughout history, but one specific time, Mary appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego in 1531. Mary requested a temple be built and told Juan Diego to ask the bishop nearby to build it. Diego went, but the Bishop didn’t believe him and requested a sign. Mary provided a sign in two ways. Diego was told to pick roses from a barren hill and put them in his cloak. When he did this, he brought the roses to the bishop and out of his cloak came a painting of the Mother Mary. This portrait exists today and is said to be perfectly preserved despite no alterations or anyone doing a thing to it.


Martin de Porres

San_Martin_de_Porres_huaycanSource: http://www.catholicnewsagency.com

Martin de Porres was a layman who worked extensively with the poor and sick in Lima, Peru. Many miracles are attributed to him during his lifetime, including levitations, miraculous healings, and showing up in two places at the same time. Many people pray to him for healing intercession. For instance, one man in 1956 had a block fall and crush his leg. Gangrene set in as well as Hepatitis. Doctors were going to amputate the leg when a woman prayed over the leg. The next day when the bandages were removed, the leg had radically changed and no longer needed to be amputated.


Our Lady of Zeitoun

The_Virgin_Mary_as_she_appeared_in_Zeitoun,_Cairo_in_1968Source: http://www.thechristianreview.com

Remember when we said there were several sightings of the Virgin Mary? Well, get ready, because here’s another one. In 1968 in Cairo, Egypt, Farouk Mohammed Atwa thought he saw a woman trying to commit suicide on top of St. Mark’s Coptic Church. Except, it wasn’t just a woman, but an apparition of Mary, the mother of Jesus. More and more people saw her and the police were called due to the overwhelming crowds. Over the years, several more sightings cropped up so leaders of the church were called to investigate and they confirmed the sightings.


Robin Talbot of Overseas Missionary Fellowship

thailandSource: http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca

It was 1963 in North Thailand, and Robin Talbot was a Christian missionary ministering to the local villagers. The first woman to become a Christian and stop worshiping animals was told by the villagers that she would become ill for converting. She did. While Mr. Talbot prayed for her, the rest of the village jeered. Then, she died. Or at least, they thought she did. Twenty minutes later, she rose up and told the villagers all about their secrets. The woman claimed to have met Christ in Heaven but was told to go back and tell the villagers what she had seen and been told.

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