25 Unusual Deaths That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

All human beings have one thing in common – they die. It is a tragic, yet inevitable part of life that has occurred since the dawn of humanity. Some people wish to die peacefully in their sleep; others want to leave this world with a bang.

No matter what your preference, you probably wouldn’t want to suffer any of these 25 Unusual Deaths That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head.

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Death by Diarrhea


It’s believed Arius, presbyter of Alexandria, may have ingested poison before his gruesome death. He was walking across the imperial forum in Constantinople when he suffered sudden diarrhea followed by hemorrhaging, eventually causing his intestines to be expelled from his anus.


A Poetic Way to Perish


Starry-eyed poet Li Bai tried to kiss the reflection of the moon in the water next to his boat when he fell overboard and drowned in the 8th century. It has been said the poet had a penchant for liquor, which may have played a factor in his demise. He even wrote a poem before his death titled, “Alone and Drinking Under the Moon.”


A Delicious Demise


King Adolf Frederick of Sweden didn’t die hungry. The king suffered fatal digestion problems after eating caviar, sauerkraut, smoked herring and champagne, lobster, and 14 servings of his favorite dessert, served in a bowl of hot milk. Swedish children today still remember him as “the king who ate himself to death.”


Red-hot Scandal


It was rumored that King Edward II of England was murdered by having a red-hot iron inserted into his anus. Before his death, Edward was dethroned and imprisoned by his wife, Queen Isabella, and her lover, Roger Mortimer.


Be Careful What You Wish For


Be careful what you wish for. American revolutionary James Otis Jr. often told his friends that he wanted to be killed by a bolt of lightning when his time arrived. His wish came true in 1783 when he was standing in the doorway of his friend’s house and lightning struck the chimney.

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