25 Useless Things We Learn At School But Don’t Really Need In Real Life

Most people will agree that an education is extremely important. It will help you gain knowledge that will be useful for the rest of your life while at the same time open new doors for you to one day become independent and have a reputable standing in society. That’s why school has been a fundamental element of people’s lives in developed countries, and it’s there that kids learn from a very young age to socialize, work in groups, be disciplined, and respect others. Going to school helps you learn necessary skills and develop talents through exposure to different fields of study; from literature to science, art to sports, foreign languages to history, in a healthy environment where you learn (or should learn anyway) how to compete in a fair and cooperative manner. These are all good things we learn at school.

Of course, some might claim that an education is not the key to happiness and they are probably right, but it definitely is the key to a lot of other things that will help you to be happy. However, we must admit that we learned a lot of useless things at school as well. For example, have any of you found any real use in your professional career for cursive writing or for making paper snowflakes? Probably not! And we are afraid these are only two of the 25 Useless Things We Learn At School.

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How to make paper snowflakes

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And that’s not even the worst part. We had to call this “art” too.


How to jump out of the back of the bus

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Okay, I will admit that for those who will one day serve, and have served, in the armed forces this is kind of useful to learn when young, but for the rest of us, what was the point?


How to build a Styrofoam solar system

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Hey, all of you who made one of these and kept it somewhere in your basement or attic, make sure you remove Pluto. It’s not even defined as a planet by NASA anymore.


How to differentiate between different types of dinosaurs

22 wImage: Wikipedia

Because how else are you going to prosper in life if you don’t know the differences among these big old fossils every time you watch Jurassic Park and its sequels?


How to navigate the Encyclopaedia Britannica

21 wImage: Wikipedia

Since it’s almost certain that 99.9 percent of people today and in the future are going to use the Internet (call me Wikipedia) for any research needs, this was a total waste of time.

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